PWR Journal

Fall Maintenance 101
The time has come for the days to get shorter, the leaves to change color, and the temps to start dropping. That doesn’t mean you have to stop riding, but it does mean it’s time to push reset on the...
Outfitting The Dually For Adventure
The PWR Dually is one of the most capable ebikes available. It’s built for long adventures over just about any terrain you can find. Part of the journey is making sure to bring all your gear and necessities along for...
eBike Battery Recycling - Best Choice to Protect the Outdoor Spaces We All Enjoy
PWR partners with Call2Recycle for Nationwide Battery Recycling Program
Cold Weather Riding Tips
You don’t have to wait until it’s 75° and sunny to enjoy a bike ride. Getting out for a ride in less than optimal conditions can be just as fun and challenging, as long as you are properly dressed and prepared.
Why You Want All-Wheel Drive and Traction Control on Your E-Bike
The PWR Dually is a unique e-bike because it’s equipped with features like all-wheel drive (AWD) and traction control that make it more dependable in all kinds of conditions. In this article, we’ll unpack what AWD and traction control are,...
All About the PWR Dually Battery
Battery Basics Here we answer the top 5 commonly asked questions about the PWR Dually e-bike battery. What kind of battery does the Dually use? We use a best in class 48V/14.5Ah/696Wh Lithium Ion battery made of Samsung cells. This battery is only...
Supercharge Your Winter Fun with a Dually
With a Dually, you can ride your bike all winter long in wet and snowy conditions. The Dually has the power and technology you need to feel safe, secure and ready to tackle winter terrain. Learn why the Dually is made to ride in the snow.
Everything You Need To Know To Get Started with Your Dually
Dually School Is In Session Are you a new PWR Dually owner? This article will ensure you set up your bike properly and get you going so you can have a fun, safe and memorable first trip of many trips...
Top 5 E-Bike Advantages vs. Regular Bikes
These are the top 5 advantages to riding an e-bike over a regular bike.
Everything You Need for a Fun Family E-Bike Adventure

With PWR Dually’s capabilities, getting the whole family to the park, beach, or trails by bike is a breeze. Leave your car at home, because towing extra cargo is what the PWR Dually was designed to do. 

This Bike Is Made For Commuting
Switching to bike commuting is supposedly one of the easiest life changes we can make and m ore and more people are choosing to ride a bike. Yet many of us still opt to drive a car. Why do we keep driving, and why is it so hard to make the switch bike commuting? 
PWR Your Adventures with a Dually
It’s time to level up on your after work and weekend adventures with your PWR Dually. Accessing the outdoors via your bike instead of your car on the weekend is a great way to one-up your colleagues when you gather ‘round the...